Stephen Hawking

Professor Stephen Hawking in a speak at premiere of the documentary film about his life, said that brain ‘could exist outside the body’ and like a program, could be copied onto a computer.

The 71-year-old Professor, author of A Brief History of Time, said that it could be possible for the human brain to exist outside the body, but this is way beyond our present capabilities.

Using a computer-generated voice controlled by a facial muscle and a blink from one eye, Hawking said on Thursday night:

“I think the brain is like a program in the mind, which is like a computer, so it’s theoretically possible to copy the brain on to a computer and so provide a form of life after death.

However, this is way beyond out present capabilities. I think the conventional afterlife is a fairy tale for people afraid of the dark.

All my life I have lived with the threat of an early death, so I hate wasting time.”

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