Street Jet Luge

Stuntman Daz Fellows has designed a street turbo jet luge, that could reach the outstanding 500km/h, to beat the Guinness World record.

Images © Daz Fellows

Australian Daz Fellows began working on his jet-powered 3 metres long luge, fitted with two jet thrusters, last year.

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He hopes to beat the current world record of 115.83 mph (186km/h) by reaching 311mph (500km/h).

Fellows said:

“It’s almost a meditation in a way. There’s a massive amount of concentration that goes into it.

A lot of what I do is second nature to me now. My body naturally reacts to my environment as I’m going down on a run.

We take all the precautions we can. I’ve never had a close call or an accident with anyone and, whenever we do train, I go off way in the sticks, where you’d be lucky to see anyone.”

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Using two Jet Turbine Engines that each produces 190lbs of continuous thrust, then attaching afterburners that give a power increase of up to 44%, giving a total power output of approximately 540lbs.

These will then be attached to a custom-built luge board (JetLuge) – built and designed by DazTheCowboy in his shed – to then propel the board and rider down a given distance to achieve optimum speed.

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