Student-designed car runs 1300 MPG

A lightweight, aerodynamic vehicle to compete at the SAE Supermileage Competition, build by a group of seven BYU engineering students, that can get 1,300 miles per gallon of fuel.

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The annual event determines which university has created the most fuel-efficient vehicle in North America.

Gary Ellingson, one of seven engineering majors who built the car, said:

“It comes down to the smallest little details on race day. At the end of the day, it’s the team with the best run.”

Student-designed car runs 1300 MPG

Team member Caroline Sorenson, who is also the driver, said:

“It’s a cool project because you really see exactly how you get better mileage. Now we understand better what you can do to a regular car to get better mileage.”

Eric Wilcox, who oversaw the weight-loss plan, said they reassessed every element of the car to drop pounds. He added:

“We shaved off five pounds by making our own starter, and we clipped another five pounds from switching the battery. If we could use or make something lighter, we did it.”

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source Brigham Young University