Fairy Circles of the Namib Desert

Fairy circles are circular patches of perennial grasses with a barren center, that emerge by millions along the southwest coast, in the deserts of Africa.

Above image was taken in the Marienfluss Valley, close to one of the study areas where scientists analyzed aerial photos of fairy circles.    Images credit Stephan Getzin/UFZ

These Fairy circles have baffled scientists for decades and from the aerial images, they discovered are distributed in surprisingly regular patterns.

Fairy Circles

Study researcher Stephan Getzin, of the Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research (UFZ) in Leipzig, Germany, said:

“The occurrence of such patterning in nature is rather unusual. There must be particularly strong regulating forces at work.

There is, up to now, not one single piece of evidence demonstrating that social insects are capable of creating homogenously distributed structures on such a large scale.”

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source LiveScience