The Sun rises after 3 months of darkness 1

The Sun rises in Antarctica after 3 months of darkness. A view of the remote Antarctic base Concordia as the Sun returns after over 3 months of darkness. The base is 3200 m above sea level and temperatures drop to –80°C. Image © ESA–V.Kaimakamis

Top Image: Concordia base Antarctica © wikipedia

No supplies can be delivered during the Antarctic winter and nobody can leave the base, no matter what emergency.

The station is the closest thing on Earth to interplanetary exploration.

Studying the effects of isolation there is preparing ESA for the real thing: a mission to Mars.

Concordia Research Station, which opened in 2005, is a research facility that was built 3,233 m above sea level at a location called Dome C on the Antarctic Plateau, Antarctica. It is located 1,100 km inland from the French research station at Dumont D’Urville, 1,100 kilometres inland from Australia’s Casey Station and 1,200 kilometres inland from the Italian Zucchelli Station at Terra Nova Bay. Russia’s Vostok Station is 560 kilometres away.

The Geographic South Pole is 1670 kilometres away. The facility is also located within Australia’s claim on Antarctica, the Australian Antarctic Territory.

source ESA