Super-bulb out of plastic

Super-bulb out of plastic developed by Wake Forest University scientists, a new type of lighting that could replace fluorescent bulbs.

The new source based on field-induced polymer electroluminescent (FIPEL) technology, producing a better quality white of flicker-free light.

The first units will be produced in 2013.

David Carroll, professor of physics and director of the Center for Nanotechnology and Molecular Materials, said:

“People often complain that fluorescent lights bother their eyes, and the hum from the fluorescent tubes irritates anyone sitting at a desk underneath them. The new lights we have created can cure both of those problems and more.”

According to Wake Forest University site:

“The team uses a nano-engineered polymer matrix to convert the charge into light. The technology allows the researchers to create an entirely new light bulb – overcoming one of the major barriers in using plastic lights in commercial buildings and homes.”

via BBC

source Wake Forest University