Super Typhoon Bopha

This image of Super Typhoon Bopha was taken from the Space Station by Expedition 34 Commander Kevin Ford on Sunday, Dec. 2, as the storm bore down on the Philippines with winds of 135 miles per hour.   Image credit: NASA

Larger image

Parts of the orbital outpost are seen in the picture — the Permanent Multipurpose Module on the left, and Mini-Research Module 1 on the right.

Super Typhoon Bopha NASA image acquired December 3, 2012

As predicted, Typhoon Bopha made landfall on the Philippine island of Mindanao overnight December 3–4, 2012. Known in the Philippines as Pablo, the storm was blamed for 43 deaths and 25 injuries as of December 4, according to the Philippine Daily Inquirer.

Super Typhoon BophaImage credit: NASA

One of the Expedition 34 crew members aboard the International Space Station captured this still image of Super Typhoon Bopha on Dec. 2, 2012. The storm was bearing down on the Philippines with winds of 135 miles per hour. Meteorologists are predicting that the storm will make landfall on Mindanao in the early morning of Dec. 4 local time, as either a category 4 or 5.

source NASA