US Navy attack submarine USS Annapolis

China is working on an ambitious project, a ‘supersonic submarine,’ using an underwater air bubble, that could travel from China to San Francisco in less than two hours!

Researchers at Harbin Institute of Technology’s Complex Flow and Heat Transfer Lab are developing a new tech allowing submarines and torpedoes to travel at extremely high speeds underwater.

Above: US Navy attack submarine USS Annapolis rests in the Arctic Ocean after surfacing through three feet of ice during Ice Exercise 2009 on March 21, 2009.   Credit wikimedia

The new method will be based on supercavitation, an air “bubble” technology applied to torpedoes.

supercavitation tech

Li Fengchen, professor of fluid machinery and engineering, said:

“The team’s innovative approach meant they could now create the complicated air ‘bubble’ required for rapid underwater travel. We are very excited by its potential.”

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source South China Morning Post