IBM Survey

IBM’s 2011 Commuter Pain Study polled drivers around the planet to find wich roadway traffic has increased their stress levels, based on the following factors:

1) Commuting time
2) Time stuck in traffic,
3) Price of gas is already too high
4) Traffic has gotten worse
5) Start/stop traffic is a problem
6) Driving causes stress
7) Driving causes anger
8 )Traffic affects work
9) Traffic so bad driving stopped and
10) Decided not to make trip due to traffic.

The results might surprise you, unless you live in Mexico City, whose traffic is appallingly three times as bad as New York’s. Mexico City napped the #1 worst spot, with China claiming the next two, rounding out the three worst cities to operate a motor vehicle. The total list, ranked by worst to best of cities polled, is as follows:

Mexico City: 108, Shenzhen: 95, Beijing: 95, Nairobi: 88, Johannesburg: 83, Bangalore: 75, New Delhi: 72, Moscow: 65, Milan: 53, Singapore: 44, Buenos Aires: 42, Los Angeles: 34, Paris: 31, Madrid: 28, New York City: 28, Toronto: 27, Stockholm: 26, Chicago: 25, London: 23, Montreal: 21.

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