A syringe seals gunshot wounds in 15 seconds

The pocket-sized syringe can seal a gunshot wound in only 15 seconds, by releasing small sponges into the wound.

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The XStat by RevMedx syringe’s small sponges expand to stem blood-flow and exert pressure on the wound, is set to be used the US Army,

The XStat sponges are composed of standard medical sponge that is coated with a hemostatic agent and compressed. Each Xstat sponge contains a radiopaque marker for easy detection via X-ray.

In the wound, the Xstat sponges expand and create a barrier to blood flow, present a large surface area for clotting, and provide gentle pressure. No direct manual pressure is required.

In a swine model with aggressive non-compressible hemorrhaging, Xstat provided statistically significant improvement in hemostasis and survival 60 minutes after injury with a large reduction in blood loss, resuscitation fluid requirement, and medic treatment time compared to conventional hemorrhage control dressings.

via popsci

source RevMedx