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OSVehicle has developed Tabby the first open-source vehicle, defined as the “Ikea Car” because it’s easy to build and fully customizable.   Watch the video…

OSVehicle’s Tabby It is a versatile platform that can be used to bootstrap businesses, to create your own vehicle, for education purposes, and much more.

It will be available from $5,350 to $8,000 and is the first street legal automobile that just about anyone can assemble it in less than an hour.

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Press release:

OSVehicle, the first concept of industrializable open source hardware applied to the automotive industry.
After the success at Maker Faire Europe, the OSVehicle roadshow continues!
OSVehicle is a project founded by Francisco Liu and Ampelio Macchi that aims to bring open source vehicles to production, working with designers, makers, entrepreneurs, and manufacturers all over the world. TABBY is the first product of the OSVehicle project.
It is a universal chassis that can be assembled in less than 60 minutes, can accommodate 2 to 4 passengers, and is compatible with all types of engines, including electric and hybrid ones.
In the spotlight during the opening conference, with an audience of more than 800 people in the room and thousands watching the online streaming, OSVehicle’s TABBY first public presentation was a great success. During the following three days of Maker Faire Europe the prototype was seen by over 35,000 attendees.
The attention of Italian and international media was caught immediately. National TV’s showed the assembly of TABBY, with a new record time of 41 minutes and 40 seconds set at Maker Faire.
TABBY was on display this week at the annual Frontiers of Interaction event in Milan.
We talked about the evolution of the project on stage during the automotive panel opening the conference on Oct. 25th.
The roadshow continued with a presentation of TABBY by the CTO Ampelio Macchi at the Winnergroup entrepreneurs meeting on October 29th near Bologna, Italy.
At EICMA, the famous annual expo in Milan, Urban TABBY will be presented by Marco Borge, official design partner of the OSVehicle project. Urban TABBY is the first platform, compliant with all the regulations needed for the road legal approval, that enables the creation of custom city-cars based on TABBY. It is a great step towards the feasibility and reality of open source vehicles. You’ll be able to see the first Urban TABBY at booth 77A Pad 4 on November 5th-10th.
Open source is indeed a key factor in the development of TABBY, and it will be explained further at the fOSSa conference in Lille, France, on November 20th-22nd.

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