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Dalian Museum by 10 design

Dalian Museum- 10 design

10 design a Hong Hong and Shanghai-based International firm has proposed the Dalian Museum, that will set the standard for a citywide overhaul, positioned in the heart of the government district in Dalian, China.

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Solar Odyssey trimaran

Solar Odyssey Solar Odyssey, the electro-solar platform developed as the first French challenge to beat the Atlantic record and the first to achieve a world tour without any CO2 emission is being exhibited at the Salon Nautique boatshow in Paris.

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Shenzhen Guosen Tower

Shenzhen TowerRotterdam-based architects MVRDV has designed ‘Shenzhen Guosen Tower’, the new headquarters building for the Guosen Securities corporation in China.

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Colorado River Bridge Hotel

River Bridge Hotel

The Colorado River Bridge Hotel designed by Michael Jantzen is a proposal for a luxury eco-hotel that would span the Colorado River in the form of a large bridge.

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Aerius solar-electric concept vehicle

Aerius vehiclePei Cheng Hsieh of the Monash University envisions an EV for the year 2025, the Aerius electric concept vehicle, that uses solar energy to extend its range.

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Honda Native concept the Color changing car

Honda Native

Honda Native concept car is made out of light material and also uses photo chromic material that enables the car to change its color.

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GM’s EN-V Electric Transporter

GM's EN-V5GM’s EN-V concept (Electric Networked Vehicl) is designed to fill the niche of urban, short-range transport, where space is limited but travel distances are typically short.

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Urban Oasis- Giant Flower that Lights Up from Solar Power

Urban Oasis3During the day, the sculpture opens and closes its petals to expose its solar cells to sunlight.

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Innovative wind turbine

Innovative wind turbineFloDesign: Drawing inspiration from a jet engine design.

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World’s first Wind Tower system to capture wind from any direction

Wind Tower system

ZENA System has unveiled an innovative design for a wind energy generating system that is able to harness wind from any direction.

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