Photomicrography Competition 2012 winners

The blood-brain barrier in a live zebrafish embryo

These are the Photomicrography Competition 2012 winners, of  the annual Nikon’s Small World microscope photography.

1st Place- 2012 Photomicrography Competition, Dr. Jennifer L. Peters & Dr. Michael R. Taylor, St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, Memphis, Tennessee, USA.  Subject Matter: The blood-brain barrier in a live zebrafish embryo (20x)

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Leica Edition Hermès M9

Leica Edition Hermes M9

The Edition Hermes M9 by Leica is the absolute retro stylish camera. Continuing the legend that started by Oskar Barnack’s genius idea of creating the small format 35 mm camera created a revolution in photography in 1925, the special ‘Edition Hermès’ of its ‘M9-P’ full-format digital camera was just released at a special event in Berlin.   Image courtesy of Leica

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Choreographed Light

light writing photography

I’ve been lost in the world of light writing photography tonight which led me down the path to incredible artists and photographers using light to paint other worldly images in the dark… one of the most incredible standouts is German photographer, Jan Leonardo Wöllert.

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Beautiful Photography from Dubai

Amazing Dubai (3)
Amazing Dubai (10)

Dubai is just one of those places that have a lot of amazing things about it (it is named one of the world’s most expensive cities for a reason!), it went from being an obscure place that not many knew about, to a lush and luxurious city seemingly overnight.

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Astounding Chameleon photography


Igor Siwanowicz is an exceptional photographer captures beautiful photos of reptiles, amphibians and Chameleon. Unlike any other insect photographer, Igor manages to capture human like qualities in the smallest creatures.

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