El Capitan- Yosemite National Park

El CapitanEl Capitan in Yosemite National Park, California.  Photograph

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Moon rises above the cathedral

Moon risesThe Full Moon rises above the cathedral of Quimper in

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Curvy sunset


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Black skimmer

skimmerThis black skimmer looks for something for lunch.   Photograph Mario Goren

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Na Pali coast

HawaiiThe Na Pali coast on the North shore of Kauai, Hawaii. The ridges

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Little sailing boat

sailing boat

Photograph Patrick Lienin

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A Year at Delphi

Analemma DelphiThe sun seems to rise from behind the hills near the Tholos, a circular building in the sanctuary of Athena Pronaia in ancient Delphi, in an analemma photo composite made in Greece in 2001. Photographer Anthony Ayiomamitis

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landscapephotograph V. Pinke

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Earth from below


The project “Earth from Below” is an exploration of the territories and landscapes invisible on planet, like the deepest cave in the world.

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Beautiful darkness


Moonlit valleys in Compton Valence, Dorset. When most people stay indoors weather nut Kris

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