Drones just build a walkable rope bridge

Drones build a walkable rope bridge

The video shows quadrocopters autonomously assembling a rope bridge, a part of research in aerial construction of structures with the aid of flying drones.  Watch how…

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iTray world’s first flying waiter by YO! Sushi

iTray world's first flying waiter by YO! Sushi

YO! Sushi was the first Sushi chain in the UK to deliver food to customers on a conveyor belt. Now just presents iTray the world’s first flying tray to deliver the YO! Burger!    Watch the video…

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HyTAQ hybrid quadrotor robot

HyTAQ hybrid quadrotor robot

HyTAQ hybrid quadrotor robot, is a novel mobile robot capable of both aerial and terrestrial locomotion.   Watch the video…

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Quadrotor Night Show [video]

Quadrotor Night Show

A troupe of 16 quadrotors dance at a night show, manipulate sound and light at the Saatchi & Saatchi New Directors Showcase 2012. In this video you admire the small electronic flying robots, hovering with music.

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Parrot AR Drone for smartphone

Parrot AR Drone for smartphone

The Parrot AR Drone is the first quadrocopter that can be controlled by a smartphone or tablet. You control the direction of your AR Drone simply by tilting your device.

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s Ball Throwing and Catching

Quadrocopters Ball Throwing and Catching

This video shows three quadrocopters cooperatively play with a ball. They are attached to an elastic net, that allows them to catch the ball and toss the ball back into the air by rapidly accelerating outwards… Amazing!
Watch the video

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Formation of glowing objects in the night sky

Formation of glowing objects in the night sky

Strange 50 glowing objects in the night sky of Linz, Austria, in perfect formation…

Actually it’s one of the most impressive demonstrations of quadrocopters!   Watch the video…

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Joggobot the flying companion (video)

Joggobot the flying companion

Joggobot is a research project drawing the idea from computer games, by the Exertion Games Lab that explores how joggers will enjoy jogging with flying robots as companions, in order to make the exercise activity more engaging.

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Parrot AR.Drone 2.0 quadrocopter (video)

Parrot AR.Drone 2.0

The Parrot’s AR.Drone 2.0 new quadrocopter includes a revised control scheme that allows the user to more precisely control it, a higher resolution camera and an upgraded app.

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Manned flight of an electric multicopter

electric multicopter

German aircraft company e-volo has accomplished what it claims is the world’s first manned flight of an electric multicopter. It uses multiple mini helicopters to lift the passenger upwards — who’s snuggled in the center of the carnage, firmly strapped to a squishy exercise ball.

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