Cyclone Chapala over the Gulf of Aden

Cyclone Chapala over the Gulf of Aden 1

Tropical Cyclone Chapala made landfall on mainland Yemen early on Nov. 3, 2015, is the first hurricane-strength storm on record to make landfall in this country.

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Shaped by Time

Earth Shaped by Time

“Shaped by Time” a beautiful time-lapse film exploring the power of nature trough the erosion of the different landscapes.   Watch the video…

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Lasers could make Rain

lightning storms, inland of LA and San Diego

Scientists testing laser beam which could stimulate rain and lightning. The new method could help increasingly drought-stricken areas around the world.

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A Retreating Thunderstorm at Sunset

A Retreating Thunderstorm at Sunset

This retreating cumulonimbus cloud, or thundercloud, is somewhat unusual as it contains the rare mammatus cloud on the near end, while simultaneously producing falling rain on the far end.    Image © Alan Dyer (The Amazing Sky)

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Brolly Rain Umbrella

Brolly Rain Umbrella

Don’t loose a minute answering your text/e-mail, on raining days. Brolly is the first rain umbrella with a clever designed grip, enabling you to text/e-mail in the rain.

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Extreme Weather

The biggest dust storm in living memory rolls into Phoenix on July 5, 2011

Rains that are almost biblical, heat waves that don’t end, tornadoes that strike in savage swarms—there’s been a change in the weather lately. What’s going on?

The biggest dust storm in living memory rolls into Phoenix on July 5, 2011, reducing visibility to zero. Desert thunderstorms kicked up the mile-high wall of dust and sand.  Image © Daniel Bryant/National Geographic

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Heavy storms by Mitch Dobrowner

Heavy Srorm photography by Mitch Dobrowner

Photographer Mitch Dobrowner tries to capture the beauty of heavy storms. His work is amazing!

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National Geographic 2011 best picture Places category

Into the Green Zone by Photographer George Tapan

Photographer George

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Mammatus Clouds, Newland

Mammatus Clouds

Severe thunderstorms rolled through western North Carolina on the evening of June 7, 2011. Though we were spared the worst of the wind and rain, ominous looking mammatus clouds glared down at storm’s end.   Photographer Rich Bruner

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Sun and Rain


The beach is dry while downtown St. George’s is getting a good soak.

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