Taichung Echo Wind Tower

Paris based off architecture have sent in images of their proposal for the Taichung Echo wind tower project, an expressive green tower.Overseeing the taichung basin, the Taiwan tower is the observatory of the central Taiwan ecosystem ranging from the central mountain range to the south china sea.

Taichung Echo Wind Tower
The tower’s envelope is composed of 2 million suspended thin metal leaves that tilt up against the wind which operates 64 internal helicoidal wind turbines generating enough energy to make the building fully sustainable. The facade shows patterns of air flows as a monumental expression of the natural context and its immediate climatic conditions.

Taichung Echo Wind Tower Project

Its skin symbolizes the cohesion of the surrounding habitat while the evolving winds provide transformations of its form.
The tower stands at 350 meters high at a 2 degree inclination.

This slight obliquity allows the metal leaves’ polished surfaces to reflect taichung to itself.

The tower floats above ground fitted on top of the tripod.