Taipei City Museum of Art

Architects at Design Initiatives from Bulgaria, are the latest to reveal their proposal for the design of Taipei City Museum of Art, by opening the view of glass pavilions they make a connection with the surrounding park.

The form organizes a relationship between visitors and the landscape.

The building is sited in the middle of a park and elevated from the ground to allow the pedestrian to flow unrestricted.

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The park is connected from both sides continuing the existing park alleys and bike paths through the semi-outdoor park pavilions of pop-art, children’s and services programmatic functions.

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Design Initiatives:

Our attempt in the New Taipei City Museum of Art competition is to find the essence of art and to materialize our notion of art; to redefine the meaning of art museum and to alter the way art museum functions; to organize a relationship between ourselves and the world around us.

In addition to animate forms we have manipulated the movement in order to induce the production of new urban opportunities. Our proposal is a synthesis of the different programmatic functions: art museum, park, footbridge, services in a flexible, versatile space.

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