Phoenix Towers concept

The Phoenix Towers concept by Chetwoods Architects, world’s tallest pair of skyscrapers, in Wuhan, Central China. The one of them will reach the height of 1 km (3,280 ft), like the Burj Khalifa.

Phoenix Towers concept

According to the UK-based Chetwoods Architects:

One of four master plans Chetwoods are developing for Hua Yan Group in Central China’s new ‘Fourth Pole’ economic and cultural engine zone, where Wuhan has recently been re-designated an environmental city of the future by the regional and central governments.

Phoenix Towers will be an iconic landmark within an ambitious environmental master plan for Wuhan, the capital of central China. Situated on the Yangtze River at the crossroads of nine provinces, the ‘City of 1000 Lakes’, population 10 million, has recently been designated an environmental ‘Super City’ by the regional and central government.

At 1km high the Phoenix Towers will be the tallest pair of buildings in the world. The 47-hectare site (the towers cover 7 hectares) on an island in a lake at the end of a 3km avenue within a dense city layout will provide long vistas. Arching bridge-like over the surrounding boulevards, each tower will have a unique personality and attributes: the Feng tower will lean towards the commercial zone, the Huang tower towards the cultural and recreational zone.

Phoenix Towers concept 2

Phoenix Towers concept 3

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source Chetwoods Architects