Bjarke Ingels Danish practice group, BIG, has designed ‘TEK’ builbing, which stands for ‘technology, entertainment and knowledge center Taipei’ in Taiwan.

‘TEK’, a 53,000 m2 public urban block, which measures 57 x 57 x 57 m, is a cubic structure that hosts a spiraling street of activities related to contemporary technology and media.


It takes full advantage of its site by coiling together the public street within its volume.

Leading the public from the street level to the roof garden, the ascending spiral serves as the anchor to a number of programs, including shops, showrooms, offices, conference rooms, exhibition spaces, restaurants and galleries.


The layout is organized to best provide for each facility: daylight sensitive programs such as hotel rooms and offices resides on the perimeter, while retail and exhibition spaces occupy the core.

TEK 6TEK 8TEK 9TEK 10TEK 11TEK 12TEK 13TEK 17TEK 16TEK 18TEK 14TEK 15TEK 19TEK 1TEK 2via designboom