Tesla to build a self-driving car  (2)

Electric car company Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk said that they are working to produce, within the next three years, a self-driving car, capable of running on “auto-pilot”.

Musk said to Financial Times newspaper that the company’s autonomous car “would allow the driver to hand 90 percent of the control of the car over to the vehicle’s computer system. Fully autonomous cars would take longer to develop.”

The self-driving car would be developed in-house using Tesla’s own technology, not that of another company.

Elon Musk wrote on Twitter:

Engineers interested in working on autonomous driving, pls email [email protected] Team will report directly to me.

Approach is 360 deg flush mounted tiny cameras + radar (prob not lidar). Lot of software & hardware level image processing.

via engadget

source Tesla Motors