Serpentine Pavilion in Kensington Gardens

The fourteenth, 2014 Serpentine Pavilion in Kensington Gardens, will be a cloud like structure designed by Chilean architect Smiljan Radic with a four months tenure between July and September.

The temporary Pavilion, a semi-transluscent, cylindrical structure designed to resemble a shell, will be occupying a footprint of some 350 square meters with a multi-purpose, flexible social space and a cafe inside. It will become the stage for the Galleries’ Park Nights series, sponsored by COS: eight site-specific events bringing together art, poetry, music, film, literature and theory. Also, three new commissions by emerging artists Lina Lapelyte, Hannah Perry and Heather Phillipson will be included.

Radic explains that he sees the 2014 Pavilion as a part of the history of small romantic constructions seen in parks or large gardens, the so-called follies, which were hugely popular from the end of the 16th Century to the start of the 19th.

Serpentine Pavilion in Kensington Gardens 2

Serpentine Pavilion in Kensington Gardens 3

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