The Cosmic Tourist

The Cosmic Tourist, a marvelous book written by the most well known astronomers of our time, Patrick Moore, Brian May and Chris Lintott, presenting us with a beautiful way the 100 most stunning destinations in the Universe.

According to Dailymail, Sir Patrick Moore said that ET would find Earth boring, and predicts alien life beyond the solar system will be found within 50 years.

The images at The Cosmic Tourist expose the extraordinary beauty of the Cosmos.

From the orbit around the Earth to beyond the most distant galaxies, the book features our Sun, the Planetary system, the Asteroid belt, the stars, the center of Milky Way, the edge of the Universe and much more.

The three astronomers also teach you how to view the Universe for yourself.

From their site:

“Take your seats for the greatest tour ever – one that encompasses no less than the whole of the Universe. En route, we stop off to gaze at 100 amazing sights – from asteroids to zodiacal dust and from orbit around the Earth to beyond the most distant galaxies. We start right here on Earth, with your tour guides: the three intrepid cosmic voyagers Patrick Moore, Brian May and Chris Lintott.”

via Dailymail

You can buy here ‘The Cosmic Tourist’.

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