The Green Hell - Nurburgring Infographic

An infographic with loads of interesting stats and details about the infamous Germany’s Nürburgring. Nicknamed the Green Hell, is one of the longest and most challenging race tracks in the world.

It’s made up of two racetracks – the Nordschleife (Northern Loop), and the Grand Prix Circuit which combined cover over 26km. This makes it the worlds longest permanent racetrack, that is until the Gotland Ring is completed later this year.

It’s a race track, a testing center for new cars, and a is open to public speed junkies for just €26/lap. The Nürburgring is an insanely twisty track with 40 left-hand bends, 50 right-hand bends and a 300m height difference.  It’s been described as seeming “as if a reeling, drunken giant had been sent out to determine the route”. Crashes occur daily and there are endless rumours about the number of public fatalities per year.

Deciding on who holds the lap record for a production car is a very debatable subject, determining what counts as a street-legal production car is open to a lot of interpretation. We’ve gone for what generally seem to be the most accepted records, though do take ‘production car’ with a pinch of salt. The ring is under danger though, with threats of closing, to support it visit Save the Ring.

We think it’s a monster of a track and are seriously impressed by those who can master it!

source: carbuzz