The bridge ‘Lens’ designed by Nikolay Tsochev, was created from the concept LIGHT. A welcoming open area bridging the River Lea in England, and in doing so linking the five boroughs together. The bridge uses the natural light guiding the community from one side to another, throughout the space within.

Bridge (1)

Bridge (2)

Bridge (3)

Bridge (4)

Light dances over the bridge casting shadows that appear to manipulate the public. The bridge began with the intention to offer the public work areas, platforms for education however through the process of development the bridge opens up instead to offer an acoustic wonder. With mini amphitheatres at either ends, the Lens can create a stage for aspiring talents to perform, or multimedia displays to parade new architecture, locally and internationally.

The curving structures of the Lens,  immediately relaxes the approaching public. Calm arching shapes forming a multitude of lenses that interconnect to create the architectural delight that is the Lens. The bridge splits into two platforms, giving the public two points of view over the Legacy Park. The lower level offers the auditoriums, a place to learn.

The upper level provides a 360 degree panoramic view over the park, with an overview of Populous’s  Olympic stadium and the iconic Zaha Hadid swimming pool a view reaching to the North of the park.

The materials used to construct the Lens bridge act harmoniously to its position within the Legacy Park. The main structural supports have been coated to a polished chrome finish. In doing so the bridge reflects the mood of the park. The bridge becomes an image of the park itself.
A place to dream or an uplifting space to wonder, escaping the rigours of life, sweeping away the differences of normality.

From each angle viewed the bridge takes on another design, a new perspective. The public challenged to consider at all times the Lens from different angles.