The mechanics of flight

Illustrating the mechanics of flight with animated 3D gifs by Seattle based Eleanor Lutz, who has a bachelor on molecular biology from the University of Washington.

Exceptional animated technical drawings gifs, showing the mechanics of flight created by science illustrator and animator Eleanor Lutz.

When I worked in an insect lab as an undergrad, I helped out with an experiment about mosquito larvae. As part of the process we used a Matlab program to manually input the larva’s location during thousands of video frames.

It was a fun experiment, and I wanted to make something similar from Youtube videos. I found slow-motion videos of five flying species, and mapped out specific points on the wings during one wingbeat. I ended up with 15 frames per wingbeat, and I connected every frame using imaginary curves that went through all of the 15 mapped points.

The mechanics of flight 2

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