Next 5 in 5

IBM at the end of each year, examines the societal trends expected to transform our lives, as well as emerging technologies from IBM’s global labs, to develop a 5 year forecast called The Next 5 in 5.

Next 5 in 5

IBM predicts that over the next five years technology innovations will change the way we work, live and play in the following ways:

People power will come to life
If it moves, then it can create energy. We will make our own energy instead of relying on monopolizing power companies.

You will never need a password again
Your only password will be your unique biological identity, as multifactor biometrics aggregate these characteristics in real time to prevent identity theft.

Mind reading
The idea is to think about making a call, and the smartphone responding to the command.

Mobile: The digital divide will cease to exist
Mobile devices will assist you in your daily life with new solutions and business models, for mobile commerce and remote healthcare, for example.

Junk mail will become priority mail
IBM is developing technology that uses analytics and sensemaking to integrate data into applications that present only the information you want

IBM points out that many of its previous predictions have come true.

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