The next stages of human evolution

We are living in a period where technology interferes more and more in our life. What will become? If we adapt to some strange elements of our days, humans could undergo in the near future some peculiar changes.

Here is a list of features Scientist Dr Dean Burnett predicts humans could evolve. He said:

‘Being able to either visually blend in or stand out at will would be a potent advantage in modern society, one that evolutionary pressures could make more common.

Rather than diverting attention to more relevant inputs, humans could develop the ability to actively ‘tune out’ things they don’t want to hear, like closing your eyes to block an unpleasant sight.”

Colour-changing skin

Humans could eventually acquire the ability to consciously alter the color of their skin, much like the chameleon, maybe via a technical method will be found.

Flexible skeletons

More flexible skeletons like the shark and similar fish.

Selective hearing

Humans could evolve the ability to select what they’re listening to, without the need of technology.


Humans may eventually evolve wings, meaning some extreme sports would end up being considered rather mundane.

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