The new B-2 Stealth Bomber

According to popsci the next big thing in military technology is the “Invisible warriors”, the engineering breakthroughs that will make everything from submarines, to planes, to soldiers…disappear.

This year the youngest active stealth bomber in the U.S. turns 15, and 19 B-2s in the Air Force fleet, are nearly five years older.

Meanwhile, the integrated defense systems they have become much more sophisticated.

The multi-static radar is so sensitive that it can detect certain stealth craft.

Over the next five years the Air Force has budgeted $3.7 billion to develop a successor to the B-2 that could be active by 2020.

The new bomber is classified, but some secrets designs are already out.

From the maker of the B-2 Northrop Grumman, bid proposals and patents, suggest that the new bomber will maintain the familiar flying wing design, but narrower than the B-2.

The engineers of the new stealth bomber are also testing new types of radar-absorbing coatings that could be customized to individual defense systems.

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