The US Navy will use Seawater for Fuel

US Navy Scientists at the Naval Research Laboratory (NRL), have developed a process to transform abundant seawater into green Jet fuel!   Image credit Wikimedia

NRL has demonstrated technologies for the recovery of CO2 and the production of H2 from seawater using an electrochemical acidification cell, and the conversion of CO2 and H2 to hydrocarbons (organic compounds consisting of hydrogen and carbon).

“The reduction and hydrogenation of CO2 to form hydrocarbons is accomplished using a catalyst that is similar to those used for Fischer-Tropsch reduction and hydrogenation of carbon monoxide,” adds Willauer. “By modifying the surface composition of iron catalysts in fixed-bed reactors, NRL has successfully improved CO2 conversion efficiencies up to 60 percent.”

Refueling- Attaching a fueling probe while underway

Attaching a fueling probe while underway.   Image credit Wikimedia

Refueling U.S. Navy vessels, at sea and underway, is a costly endeavor in terms of logistics and time.

Last year, the U.S. Navy Military Sea Lift Command, delivered nearly 600 million gallons of fuel to Navy vessels underway.

Electrochemical Acidification Carbon Capture Skid.

Electrochemical Acidification Carbon Capture Skid. The acidification cell was mounted onto a portable skid along with a reverse osmosis unit, power supply, pump, carbon dioxide recovery system, and hydrogen stripper to form a carbon capture system (dimensions of 63″ x 36″ x 60″).   Image credit:U.S. Naval Research Laboratory

source US Naval Research Laboratory