Tidal PowerWind and solar power dominate the renewable energy field, but tidal power could soon play a much larger role.

New York based company Verdant Power filed the nation’s first-ever application to build a tidal power plant for New York City’s East River.
The company’s three-blade Free Flow System turbines work — and look — similarly to wind turbines; they capture the power of the tides just as wind turbines capture energy from air movement. Verdant Power conducted extensive research to ensure that the turbines would not harm fish or aquatic life.
From 2006 – 2008, the company deployed six turbines in the East River, which provided energy to city businesses.
“Tidal power is not the strongest type of renewable energy, but it can be much cheaper to develop than wind or wave power because of its close proximity to land. The other thing about it is that it’s incredibly predictable for centuries”, John Miller the executive director of the New England Marine Renewable Energy Center said.

Tidal Power2

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