Time travel

Scientists say photons can move through time. They simulate sending quantum light particles to the past for the first time.

Above image: Space-time structure exhibiting closed paths in space (horizontal) and time (vertical). A quantum particle travels through a wormhole back in time and returns to the same place in space and time. Image credit: Martin Ringbauer

University of Queensland researchers found that a simulation of two wormhole-travelling photons, could interact, suggesting jumping through time is possible at smallest scales.

Their work may help to understand how time-travel could be possible in the quantum world.

PhD student Martin Ringbauer told The Speaker:

“For the first, ‘photon one’ would travel through a wormhole into the past and interact with its older version. In the second, ‘photon two’ travels through normal space-time but interacts with a photon that is stuck in a time-travelling loop through a wormhole, known as a closed timelike curve (CTC).”

UQ Physics Professor Tim Ralph,said:

“We used single photons to do this, but the time-travel was simulated by using a second photon to play the part of the past incarnation of the time travelling photon.”

via theregister