Timelapse of Comet ISON and Lovejoy

A timelapse video showing the journey of C/2012 S1 (ISON) and C/2013 R1 (Lovejoy) on 11 November 2013. From the video, you can see the reduced visibility of the Comets as the sky was becoming brighter gradually.   Watch the video…

The video covers 50 minutes of imaging time for ISON and 90 minutes of imaging time for Lovejoy.

A new possible ion tail emerging from Comet ISON was first observed on 4 November 2013 and ISON’s growing dust tail now stretches to more than a full moon’s diameter. Comet ISON is now plunging towards the Sun with 2 long tails at a magnitude of around +7 and it is visible in small scopes and strong binoculars. Comet ISON is in front of constellation Virgo this week and it is expected to grow some 2.5 times brighter before it meets Spica, the brightest star in Virgo on 17 November and 18 November.