TouchBase Business Cards 1

TouchBase Business Cards allow others to Instantly save contact info, simply by tapping the card to your iPhone – no QR codes or NFC needed.   Watch the video…

New solutions that have tried to solve this problem have not caught on because they either tried to completely eliminate business cards, did not realize the importance of the look and feel of business cards (QR codes).

The reinvented business card from TouchBase Technologies makes networking more efficient. Instantly save contact information simply by tapping the card to your iPhone – no QR codes or NFC needed. Share videos, images, and files with others. Assess customer interest by tracking tap data.

TouchBase Business Cards 2

TouchBase Business Cards features:

Make it easier for others to connect with you: With one tap of your card, they can email you, call you, connect with you on LinkedIn, and follow you on Twitter. Next time they need to reach you, they know where to find you

Share more information than ever before: People should not have to go on a wild goose chase to get the information they need. Upload brochures, videos, photos, and links and make it all accessible in one place.

Update your information anytime: Whether you’ve changed companies or simply want to update your profile picture, your contacts will be notified with any changes.

Track who has tapped your card: Use your business card as a CRM tool. Assess customer interest and track sales leads with tap data.

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