Trusting your instincts really does work

Scientists has shown in a new study that trusting your instincts really does work, and that you’ll be right 90% of the time!

Οne of the most mysterious part of the human function is decision-making and for centuries scientists have studied how we go about the difficult task of choosing left or right, A or B.

A new research indicates that if you choose between two options based on instinct, you made the right decision up to 90 percent of the cases.

Professor Marius Usher of Tel Aviv University’s School of Psychological Sciences said:

“Even at the intuitive level, an important part of the decision-making process is the integration of value – that is, taking into account the strengths and weaknesses of each option to come up with an overall picture, explained Prof Usher.

The study demonstrates that humans have a remarkable ability to integrate value when they do so intuitively, pointing to the possibility that the brain has a system that specialises in averaging value.

This could be the operational system on which common decision-making processes are built.”

via Dailymail