total Lunar eclipse

A Blood Moon, a total lunar eclipse, on April 15th marks the beginning of a remarkable series of eclipses, for the next 2 years, all visible from North America.   Image © NASA   Watch the video to find out where and when…

The total eclipse of Tuesday morning, is the first in a tetrad, four in a row, of total eclipses.

Here the most comprehensive article about the phenomenon by Robert T. Gonzalez in io9:

If you were thinking April was just another month in another year with your exact same face and Ides in it, then congratulations for not having to be online that much. Because LOOK OUT: Everyone is talking about how it is supposed to be a wild month for all people, relationships, transactions and experiences. Here’s why.

+April has two eclipses.

+One of them is a total lunar eclipse.

+The lunar eclipse will be appear red, AKA a ‘blood moon’ (a nonscientific term which is way more fun to use).

+This blood moon will be one in a series of four total eclipses/blood moons over the next two years called a tetrad.

+Tetrads are rare — rarer than a blue moon.

+Ok but they are not that rare because there are eight sets of these things for the 21st century alone. (The last one — the first total eclipse of this century’s tetrads — was in 2003-2004. Before that, the last tetrad was in the previous century in 1967-68. Tetrad tetrad tetrad. (Tetrad.))

+A blood moon is supernatural ominous spooky thing, say religious people.

+A blood moon is just red and is totally explained by science, says science.

+The two eclipses in one month mean crazy ends and beginnings and conflicts for ALL PEOPLE, say astrologers.

+Nah, crazy stuff happens all the time, says science.

+The four blood moons mean major conflict in the Middle East and/or the Second Coming because they occur on Jewish feast days, one of which is Passover, say religious people, and other past tetrads happened with major shit, too!

+Nah, crazy stuff happens all the time, says science.

Whew. Let’s explore.

Tuesday's total Lunar eclipse

Times for the total lunar eclipse on Tuesday morning, April 15, in Eastern Daylight Time. Chart by Fred Espenak.

What is a blood moon?

As describet by EarthSky: “We can’t really tell you why more and more people are using the term Blood Moon to describe the four full moons of a lunar tetrad. We don’t know why, exactly.”