Two Towers

MA2 an American Architectural design firm, has released a proposal for ‘Two Towers’, a joined set of skyscrapers located in the financial district of Shenzhen in China. The high-rise buildings showcase the possibilities of a glass facade in two contrasting, yet unified, approaches.

Two Towers (6)

The towers radiate vertically deriving from a multisided body, diamond shaped, molded, intended for diversity, complexity, and robustness in form. Elongated diamond bodies functions as a poly-operational structure that addresses flows of energy, circulation, dynamic composites, both aesthetically and material make up.

Two Towers (5)

In order to meet the desired effect of constructing a set of towers that are an image of elegance, design robustness, and economic valiancy, the two towers are in a state of motion and vibrant play of parts – volumes which generate synergized architecture.

Economic towers are elements which give identity to financial sectors and districts, so in order retain confidence, the towers are composed so they are not competing agents but are complementary tectonics and a have dynamic interplay of bodies.

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