HP Sport Sub 2

The HP Sport Sub 2 by U-Boat Worx, is a personal two-seater compact high-performance submersible.

The stylish, sleek and modern U-Boat Worx HP Sport Sub 2, can dive up to 100m (330ft), weighs 2200kg and can fit on a super yacht.

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It offers excellent view, stability and passengers can board the submersible at the surface.

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The HP Sport Sub 2 features a light-weight and compact design, thanks to an innovative pressure hull. It is the only submersible in its class that provides a comfortable and safe subsea experience, while performing like a genuine manned submersible.

Weighing 2,200 kg and measuring 136 cm in height, this submersible is ready to be fitted on board any Superyacht of 30 meters and up.

Based on the components of U-Boat Worx’ established C-Quester and C-Explorer submersibles, the HP Sport Sub 2 provides a reliable platform for discovering the underwater world. Built from only the highest grade materials, this sub is simple, yet powerful.

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source U-Boat Worx