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U-Boat Worx Super Yacht Sub 3, a submersible super toy, designed for the majority of super yachts.   Watch the videos…

The U-Boat Worx Super Yacht Sub 3 available with either a 150 or 300 meter depth models, can hold up to three people. Features all the luxuries of an expansive car, from leather sits to climate control.

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Press release:

Super-compatible submersible under €1 million to launch at Monaco Yacht Show
Breda, 22 September 2014. With its compact, lightweight design, the brand new Super Yacht Sub 3 from U-Boat Worx can fit inside the vast majority of super yachts, opening up the exciting prospect of exploring the deep to more people than ever before.
U-Boat Worx will premiere the purpose-built Super Yacht Sub 3 at this year’s Monaco Yacht Show. This personal submersible can take three people to depths of 300 meters beneath the surface.
The standard 150-meter Super Yacht Sub 3 package is sold at €990,000, which includes training, certification fees, charger, air-conditioning, one-year warranty, and all the operational items necessary.
“Our C-Quester and C-Explorer submersibles have paved the way for a new industry of personal submersibles,” said Bert Houtman, founder of U-Boat Worx. “It is now time for the Super Yacht Sub 3 to kick this industry into high gear so that every yacht owner can enjoy the amazing underwater world. By building this safe, high-performance and compact submersible in series, we can present a truly unique package.”
The Super Yacht Sub 3 is also available with a 300-meter depth-ratings. And there is a special “LX” which includes an additional acrylic cylinder for extended viewing from the main pressure hull to depths of 150 meters.
All Super Yacht Subs will have U-Boat Worx’ full range of safety features and are delivered with full certification by DNV-GL classification society.
Comfort is not compromised in the compact Super Yacht Sub 3, and will incorporate luxury leather seating, large entrance hatch, and climate control.

The Super Yacht Sub 3 also boosts the latest technologies like the MANTA control system that allows passengers to operate the submersible from their own seat. Moreover, the auto-pilot function, sonar and the optional underwater navigation system are available.
Visitors to the Monaco Yacht Show are welcomed to receive a full presentation on the Super Yacht Sub 3. U-Boat Worx will also have two C-Explorer 3 submersibles on display at the show.
U-Boat Worx has been successfully building and supporting submersibles for yacht, research and professional applications. The C-Explorer and C-Quester are already being built in small series and are operated globally.
You can find U-Boat Worx and the Super Yacht Sub 3 at the Monaco Yacht Show at Port Hercules, Monaco, between September 24 and September 27.