The Ubi

The Ubi is a WiFi connected, voice operated computer allowing you to stay in touch with family, friends. Just plug it in and you can talk through it to the ones you love.   Watch the video…

The Ubi lets you use your voice to connect with the people and things.

It brings custom voice interaction into your home so that you can send messages, play music, control Internet connected devices, and do almost anything without needing to pick up your phone or get to a computer. It’s always on and ready.

The Ubi uses the latest in voice recognition, speech triggering, natural language understanding, and speech synthesis to give you a unique interaction with the world around you.

Just say “OK Ubi” to get started… “Call the kids down for dinner”, “Play some Bee Gees”, “Remind me tomorrow morning to take an umbrella”.

The Ubi will look up and relay back to you information from the Internet – like a good friend. Ubi knows the answers to thousands of questions.


The Ubi