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Ultima S is the evolution of the original successfully funded stylish all aluminium universal in car mount, for iPhone, iPad, tablets and more.

Ultima’s already sleek and minimalistic design by Nik Conomos, it now features the most stylish, very compact and very strong front pad to attach almost any smartphone with a flat or slightly rounded back including many add on cases. It will attach in seconds and hold until released.

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Ultima was launched on kickstarter back in in early 2012 and thanks to a successful campaign we have been able to deliver this experience to many people all around the world.

Because of this experience we are able to bring you the next step for Ultima in a new way but by keeping what already works so great and at a more affordable price.

“Ultima Model S in made almost entirely out of aluminium for the best quality product that will last. It uses our already proven suction cup that is extremely strong, durable and will withstand all weather condition all while keeping glued to the windscreen but then also easily removable when required. On top of all this, the suction cup is completely user replaceable just in case, extending Ultima’s life cycle even further.

Our suction cup along with our improved ball joint provides rock solid stability for the best in car experience that other mounts simply cannot provide.”

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