Underwater Exosuit

This underwater Exosuit is set explore a 2000 year-old shipwreck, at the Aegean Sea near Antikythera Island, that once yielded the Antikythera mechanism, the world’s oldest computer.    Image credit Mark Harris/New Scientist

According to New Scientist report, an Exosuitted diver will descends 400 feet underwater in September, to explore the Roman shipwreck.

Phil Short, a diving specialist on the planned mission to Antikythera, said:

The $1.5 million Exosuit is basically a wearable submarine. The pressure inside is no different from being in a submarine or in fresh air. We can go straight to the bottom, spend 5 hours there and come straight back to the surface with no decompression.”

Underwater Exosuit

Brendan Foley, co-director of field operations at WHOI’s Deep Submergence Laboratory, explains:

“With the Exosuit, our bottom time becomes virtually unlimited. Now we can have an archaeologist in the suit for hours, and we’ll only have to come up to answer the call of nature.

We have feet, arms and the crest of a warrior’s helmet from statues recovered in 1900 – maybe we’ll get lucky and find the rest of them. But for me, the mechanism is what sets this wreck apart. It’s the questions it opens up about the history of science and technology that fire my imagination.”

via newscientist