Underwater Thrusters

The Aquatic Thrust Boots makes you a real underwater Iron Man. It is a patented diver propulsion system, currently used by the U.S. military for combat swimmer applications.

The Aquatic Thrust Boots thrusters mount to the outside of a diver’s lower thighs just above the knees while its power source and throttle setting secures around the waist.

The electric motors provide virtually silent yet powerful operation, with a maximum underwater speed of 3 1/2 knots, that relegates diving fins to controlling attitude and direction.

Only available from Hammacher Schlemmer for recreational use by U.S. citizens within U.S. territorial waters, its advanced design requires purchase approval from the U.S. Department of State.

Unlike other handheld propulsion systems, this one provides hands-free operation

Its lithium-ion battery provides a range that exceeds two miles.

Available for $31,000! Call 1-800-227-3528 for details.

Underwater Thrusters

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