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An underwater jet pack, a wearable propulsion system utilising high performance marine thrusters, mounted securely onto the user’s forearms enabling freestyle underwater acrobatics.

The ‘x2 Underwater Jet Pack’ by Sharein, is a unique arm-worn delivery system that generates powerful vectored thrust, amplifying movements of the user’s arms.

To power the x2 Underwater Jet Pack the company has integrated the latest lithium battery technology coupled with state of the art digital motors and a wireless control system.

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Simon Parke, co-inventor and co-founder, S.C.P. Marine Innovation, said:

“The weightless environment underwater provides amazing potential for acrobatic stunts and freedom of movement. “The optimum position when using other technology is to hold it out directly in front of you, but this often means that the thrust is directed straight at the user. The x2 Underwater Jet Pack is worn on the outer arms and is fast, manoeuvrable, un-tethered, and frankly redefines underwater propulsion.”

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source Sharein