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Underwater kites, a revolutionary new technology to harvest the power of the sea, will soon supply the world with electricity.

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The Swedish company Minesoto is exploring underwater kites, that look like the Starship Enterprise, that they can harness large amounts of power.

Minesto concept tidal power plants called Deep Green, is based on a fundamentally new principle for electricity generation from tidal currents. Is applicable in areas where no other known technology can operate cost effectively.

David Olinger of Worcester Polytechnic Institute says underwater currents could produce power comparable to multiple nuclear stations.

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Olinger said:

“Unseen under the waves, winding along coastlines and streaming through underwater channels, there are countless ocean currents and tidal flows that bristle with kinetic energy and just as wind turbines can convert moving air into electricity, there is the potential to transform these virtually untapped liquid ‘breezes’ into vast amounts of power. For example, it has been estimated that the potential power from the Florida Current, which flows from the Gulf of Mexico into the Atlantic Ocean, is 20 gigawatts—equivalent to about 10 nuclear power plants.”

Air and water both obey the same laws of fluid dynamics so the idea is essentially the same, except that the forces produced by water currents are much larger due to water’s higher density, so the underwater kites need rigid wings.

Underwater power kites 2

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