Giant Jellyfish has washed ashore

An unknown 5 foot (1.5 meter) long species of giant jellyfish, was discovered by a family collecting shells on a beach in Howden, south of Hobart, in Tasmania.   Image © Scarlet Truman / YouTube

According to marine biologists in Tasmania, over the past several years citizens reported about giant jellyfish, like the one that washed ashore.

The Sydney Morning Herald reports:

“Probably about five years ago I finally put together in my head that there were really three different species of lion’s mane jellyfish in Tasmania, or ‘snotties’ as they’re also called. Yes snotties, they’re a bit slimy.

“All of a sudden I started getting all these calls, and all these people sending me photographs. Sure enough this thing is an absolute menace this season; it’s been around in large numbers,” she said.

According to scientists, we can expect to see jellyfish numbers expand in the future.

via Popsci