Unusual Cameras- Rectaflex Rotor 1952

These unusual cameras collected by Ooobject, are the best examples of how mechanical cameras started. From the mammoth 900 lb. camera, the Meopta Pankopta Panoramic Camera, to the Rectaflex Rotor 1952 (above).

Unusual Cameras- Nicca Nicnon Binocular spy cameraNicca Nicnon Binocular spy camera

Unusual Cameras- Meopta Pankopta Panoramic Camera, 1962Meopta Pankopta Panoramic Camera, 1962

1900, 900 lb. camera In 1900, George R. Lawrence built this mammoth 900 lb. camera to take a picture of a train.

Williamson propeller powered airplane cameraWilliamson propeller powered airplane camera

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