The national winner of the annual Dyson Award, is Uplift personal trolley by Yen Le Loftin, a young industrial designer from the University of Houston.

Uplift is a personal utility cart used at the store and at home, with the ability to collapse and directly load itself into a vehicle’s storage compartment to eliminate the effort of repetitive loading/unloading and heavy lifting.

Uplift 2

Once the users are done shopping, they no longer need to unload items one by one into their car, but simply keep the items in the basket and have Uplift neatly collapse directly into their vehicle’s storage compartment.

 Uplift 3

This project focused on Transgenerational design and the goal was to develop something that would aid or enhance a person in the third age’s life. After much research, I narrowed down my focus to grocery shopping because it was deemed to be one of the most essential tasks to help the elderly maintain their independence.

source Uplift