V3solar has developed a ‘spin cell panel’ capable of generating over 20 times more electricity than a static flat solar panel.

Images credit: V3solar

The system is composed by a cone shaped panel made up of hundreds of triangular photo-voltaic cells and PV concentrating lenses.

According to V3solar: “Through its unique patent pending design, V3Solar’s Spin Cell is able to concentrate 20X more sunlight on the same type of PV that is commonly used in standard solar panels without them overheating. This is achieved through a combination of solar concentrating lenses and unique thermal management.

The Spin Cell concentrates the light and avoids the heat.  Light is transferred to electricity in nanoseconds.  Heat is transferred in milliseconds (1000X longer).  The PV on the Spin Cell captures the light, generates the electrical energy and then spins away avoiding heat build up in the PV.”



via inhabitat

source V3solar