Vanhawks Valour bicycle

The stylish Valour smart bicycle with carbon fiber frame, offers turn-by-turn navigation in the form LED indicators built into the handlebars.

Vanhawks Valour bicycle the first connected bike featuring performance tracking, security sensors & interactive feedback to radically change the way you ride.

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Valour is designed with safety in mind. Unique to the industry, Valour incorporates integrated technology for advanced personal safety. Valour’s turn-by-turn navigation keeps your eyes on the road and your hands on the bar. It uses low energy bluetooth to connect to your smart phone for directions. LED indicators signal as you approach your next turn.

“We’re rethinking the commute, one bicycle at a time. Technology impacts our lives in countless ways. Yet we ride the same, archaic bicycles to and from work every day, disconnected from our environment and ourselves. It’s time to integrate the most influential technology into the bicycle. You’re connected, why shouldn’t your bike be?”

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